• Chief Donnie Yarbrough began his Law Enforcement career in 1993 with the Muskogee County Sheriff Office as a Reserve Deputy. After serving the citizens of Muskogee County for eight years he began working for the Fort Gibson Police Department in 2001 as a Reserve Police Officer, where he served this community for two years until he was offered a part-time position in 2003 as a patrolman. Chief Yarbrough served as a part-time patrolman until receiving full-time status in 2006.  After becoming a full-time Peace Officer Chief Yarbrough worked his way through the ranks of the Department for ten years holding several position within the Department, such as Evidence Technician, Fleet Supervisor, Procurement Officer, Property Officer, Training Coordinator and Patrol Sergeant. Chief Yarbrough accepted his position as Chief of Police on 9th day of May, 2016. Chief Yarbrough is from Fort Gibson and has close ties to our small community. With a lifetime spent in and around Fort Gibson Chief Yarbrough places the safety and security of this Town and its citizens at the very top of his priority list. Chief Yarbrough continues to look to the future, and will do anything and everything within his power to help the Police Department better serve and protect its Town and its residence.

Chief of Police Donnie Yarbrough